how to avoid lots of email spam in my outlook express everyday?

By paul.tercias ·
how to avoid pls help//

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how to avoid

by .Martin. In reply to how to avoid lots of emai ...

don't leave email on web pages

use a SPAM filter

do NOT reply to SPAM

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I don't know about ISP's in your country

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to how to avoid lots of emai ...

but here in America most of them offer some level of spam filtering. It has to be configured at the webmail access point. Log in to your webmail (the same account that is routed to your computer) to see if you have this option. If so, configure it to block spam.

Switch from Outlook Express to Outlook. Outlook offers much better spam control.

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And, yet a few other ways...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to how to avoid lots of emai ...

... have your ISP suspend your account for a week or so. That way, SPAM bounces and your name gets taken off the mailing lists for a while.

... or, quit frequenting the PORN sites! ]:)

... or, change your email address.

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If you are already getting lots of Spam

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to avoid lots of emai ...

Change your E-Mail Address and Do Not alert anyone to the changes. Do Not alert Bulk Mailers to your New E-Mail Address and Do Not Respond to any suspect Offers over the Internet or E-Mail. Do Not visit Web Sites and leave your Contact details with anyone this Includes Porn Sites, Gambling Sites any Web Site that is not HTTPS. Do Not respond to Spam E-Mail with a request to be deleted from their Mailing Lists.

Do not click on attachments or I Agree Notifications ever/ It is always the end user who is responsible for gathering Spam so you need to not do the normal things that Slammers use to get new Addresses. Most of those are subscribing to various sites that are not Secure. and most importantly Do Not list your E-Mail address on any Public Web Sites ever.

If you do this you will get some occasional spam that is aimed more at your ISP but the great masses of it will never be seen. Since my Primary ISP closed it's doors and ceased trading in early February I haven't got more than 10 Spam Messages since that time. It is quite easy really but you have to exercise some self control and not see something and Click on it because it asks you to.

To prevent the stuff aimed at the ISP you need to employ their Spam Filters so that it never reaches your In Box on their servers.


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