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How to avoid without sacrificing benefits?

By adnan_abbasi ·
Sometimes you?ve been blamed for what you are not responsible for. People seem that you are the one and you should. But your responsibilities wouldn?t give the privileges to do the things. Others mistake been counted as your. Why this happens?

I think if you are not a good communicator and a bit low or lathargic in response at the right time. Moment demands that you should react spontaneously otherwise you?d been blamed. These situations has some background like you were the person responsible for some duties and in the current scenario you are being forced to do other jobs within the same organization. But, colleagues thought that you are still responsible for or atleast you would do it for them even knowing that you are not responsible. But your crime is that you know how to do it. Your appearance has the major role in this sort of situation. And it?s a great gift if you have some impressive personality qualities. This will avoid most of the situations. But as most of the IT personnel have no such personality and even not a good communicator that?s why they got into these situation most of the time.

My question is that how somebody will avoid these sort of situations even if he/she doesn?t get/possess the above skills and personality?

Your views are really helpful!

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