How to Backup Machine to VHD

By MS230000751 ·
Hi - I have four computers including my sister's that I would like to make backups of the hard drive for in the event of a failure.
So I am trying to clone my main drive to a virtual hard disk so I can store the backups as single files on my storage drive and just open and clone onto a new drive HDD/SSD to put in the respective machines should their hard drives go down or corrupt.
I'm basically trying to store a virtual clone of a hard drive on a server that I can clone onto a new physical drive and boot from.

Problem is, when I reclone the VHD to a physical drive and install it on the system - it does not boot and says boot device not found. But when I clone the physical drive to another physical drive and install it then everything works fine and I boot up no problem. It's like cloning to a virtual disk somehow gets rid of the boot.
Is there a way to do what I'm trying to accomplish here?
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Re: backup

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to How to Backup Machine to ...

I use Acronis True Image to make an image backup to a file. The image can be restored after booting to their recovery disk (or USB-stick). And the restored image is bootable. Works fine.

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by MS230000751 In reply to Re: backup

Thank you ? I will check this out. I just got a free copy of Acronis with an ssd I bought so that will work out nicely

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by riaanbosker In reply to How to Backup Machine to ...

Hi there,

I would suggest using Disk2VHD, it will allow you to clone all partitions and create a bootable VHD/VHDX.

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Sounds Promising

by MS230000751 In reply to Disk2VHD

Oh wow that sounds like exactly what I am looking for - I will definitely check that out! Thanks

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Backup Machine to VHD

by sophiagarcia59175 In reply to How to Backup Machine to ...

Right-click on Computer and select Manage and when the Computer Management screen opens under Storage highlight Disk Management then click on Action \ Create VHD. Select a location on your machine where you want the VHD to live and its size.

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