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How to backup Unified Communications Manager 7.x

By fiestas.cesar ·
-The Cisco Unified Communications Manager System version is :
-As an SFTP server I am using FreeFTPd
-For this test I am using an FreeFTPd user named Test

(FreeFTPd Part)

*First what you need to do is install an sftp server in a server located in
your LAN, for this test i will use FreeFTPd, you can download FreeFTPd from
-Once you have downloaded and installed FreeFTPd and its running, you will need to create an SFTP user in FreeFTPD,
to do this in FreeFTPd, go to the USERS tab, click ADD then proceed to create the user.
-After you have created an SFTP user proceed to start the SFTP server by going to the SFTP tab and
configuring the SFTP server with your preferred options, and of course dont forget to click the
Start button.

(Unified Communications Manager Part)

Step 1

-On The Cisco Unified Communications System navigate to the Disaster Recovery System page and
proceed to login.

Step 2

-Select the Backup tab
-Select the Backup Device Tab
-Click either "+" sign or the "Add New" button

Step 3
-Enter a name for your Backup device name*
-Select the Network Directory option
-For the Server name Enter the IP address of your sftp server
-For the Path name if everything on your Freesftpd server was left as default use \ otherwise
make the proper changes.
-For the username, use the username of the SFTP user that you just created in FreeFTPd, in my case is test
-For the password, use the password of the user that you have created in FreeFTPd.
-For the number of Backups to store on Network Directory I ussually select 3, but I leave this up to your discretion.
-Select the Save button.
*If everything went well the status alert message should now show Update succesful

Step 4

-Select the Backup tab
-Select the Scheduler tab
-Click either the "+" sign or the "Add New" button

Step 5

-For the Schedule Name enter an appropiate name for this operation
-For the Device Name select your newly created Backup Device
-Select the appropriate feature
-Proceed to enter a Backup start Date and time , this will be the date that you want the backup/schedule process to begin/start, also
keep in mind that time that you select here, it will be the time that the backup process will start according to your selections that you
make below.
-Select the Frequency* Basically when do you want to run a backup operation.
Weekly (Mon, Tue, Web, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun)
-Click The Save Button
-Click the Enable Schedule button to enable this backup schedule, the status message alert will now show Status Enabled.

*Also if you select the Set Default button, the backup process will start at 2am TUE, WED, THUR, FRI, SAT,
which is not a bad selection.
*I personally like to always test a new backup device just to make sure that I have a good connection to the
backup server,etc, to do this simply Select the Backup Tab, then select Manual Backup, select your backup
device, select the appropriate features and click the Start Backup button.
*To check the backup history, simply click the Backup tab, then select History, also it will be a good idea
to go to your sftpd server file root and verify it's contents

This document was created by Cesar Fiestas

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