How To: Batch file to Input Query into Search-box....???

By rajsdoshi ·
How do I create a Batch File to Input a Query into the following websites:

- www.networksolutions/whios

Ideally, I would like to type-in a command like: "inpq"

an the following should happen automatically:

- 3 new Tabs should open up in Firefox
- where each tab should open each of the above sites
- and insert "" into the Appropriate Query Box
- and "press" the Go or Submit button.

Or, any Suggestions for Links where I can learn BATCH /JCL type syntax,
and how to use Web-page Source Code
and Session-Id to do what I want to do?

Thank you very much in advance!!!

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Batch File: How Many Hours

by rajsdoshi In reply to See your OTHER question f ...

OK Sorry again Thumsup2.

Can you just tell me How Many Hours of a consultant's time would a Project of this sort take??

Many thhanks.

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I sat down yesterday

by Jacky Howe In reply to Batch File: How Many Hour ...

with a friend that knows a little scripting. It took us about an hour to setup a script that will open iexplore, go to my home page, insert TR's address and open the page and TAB to Forums and open it. Now that I have a template it will take no time at all to modify it. For someone that knows how to use the wshShell and the syntax I would imagine that it would be a lot quicker. Now of a morning I can run my script make a cup of coffee and when I get back I'm where I want to be on TR. That's if I don't get 404'd.

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