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How to be a good Team leader.

By AlexSolberg ·

In these unsecure days we need strong leaders that can stand up and give the teams the trust they need. Authority is a key element but dictatorship falls short after a little while.
In most teams there are always good and bad workers. A team leader must be able to bring out the very best from everyone good or bad.

Give your workers some space and the freedom to be creative. Building trust takes time, that's where carisma and personal charm comes in to the picture. If you lak one of these elements you better start to tape yourself on a digital or video camera and have a look at yourself. You will be surprised to find how stupid we sometimes behave towards other persons.

It is not easy to be a perfect leader. But to be able to be the first one to say that you was wrong or did a misstake is a great leader. Then you show your workers your true face, because an acting boss is easily read.

As a leader you most look at yourself as a priest, psycologist, mother, father, brother, sister and best friend. But never ever play God!!!

Let your workers do the area where they are at their best. To coordinate the work can be challenging, but by asking the team workers for suggestions or what they feel can be a helpfull tool sometimes.

Never ever give out your personal life or problems, that must be protected at all times. You can take examples from your past but never talk strait out about your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, family and friends etc. That will degrade your status as a good leader. Listening to your workers problems is a part of your job. If you have somekind of experience near their problem you may guide them a bit on their way. But in some cases they just need to empty out their burden to a person they trust, like you!? Important is alsa not to involve yourself into their privat lifes. Listen to them, make them feel that you understand them but that's the limit. If you can help them nothing is better, but not so that it goes out over your job, company or group. If the problem is out of your area, the best thing is always to suggest profesional help, remember you are not God!!!

Trust is the key element, you most always be able to trust a great leader, that's why he or she is a leader. You most do everything in your power to make sure you can be trusted. If you lak this ability work extra hard on it. Trust must come naturaly, it's not something you force out on someone.

Time is on your side, get to know your team well. Be creative and make them relax. Make them feel that they are the most important people in the whole world. To be a strong leader you most show your team your limits and borders very quickly. What you like and don't like must be one of the first things you talk about. What kind of standard you expect from them is alsa very important, that will show them your road and goals. The best leaders always tell what he or she expects from the start. Give the team a vision to hang on to, make sure they understand what you want.

Let your team members feel free and be able to breath is a great gift you can give. Don't be like a eagle above their heads at all times. Be soft, gentle and well balanced in your talk and behavior.

There is a lot's more to be said, but the above should help you a bit on your way. Be a good example to your team is the best suggestion I can give you.

Good luck++

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