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    How to be an ISP


    by christinengh ·

    there are many ISPs arround, big and small, with and without the fibre optic, b4 going further into this topic, I’d like to know why some ISP can hav the highest subcriber rate but doesn’t own the fibre optic them self? how do they compete with those that hav them?

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      Offer more.

      by butlerchuck ·

      In reply to How to be an ISP

      I have a friend that runs an ISP. He does not have b4 fiber but he does offer large web page files for hosting he also has invested about 500,000 in software and hardware (lic,upgrade). This is not avery large one at this time. The last time we spoke he was working 80 hours a week, and was almost out of money. He has about 10,000 subscribers. He advertises in mailbox flyers and local news papaers. The latest thing that he had done was contact the school board and buy all the old pentum 100 and 200 boxs that the were getting rid of. then imiged them all with 95. bought some licened copies of 95 from some vendor that realy wanted to get rid of them and gave the pc’s away when poeple signed up. He has two employes bothe are collge kids that do custmer support at night and on weekends. it is very hard work. Not any thing that I thought it was going to he or I thought that it would be. I don’t use is service becuse it sucks. He has been taking to sprint about trying to do braudband, but they are branching out them selves and are trying to squash the little guy. I would say don’t get invloved in this type of arena. GOOD LUCK

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