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How to become a CIO?

By Schema ·
Over the course of the last 15 years I have been everything from a Help Desk rep, to a LAN Admin, to (now) a Schema Admin for a major enterprise, but I have recently decided to try and move to the CIO world.

Does anyone have idea how to make oneself marketable for such a role? My technical experience is surely only part of the puzzle...

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How about starting in security stream?

by Peter Choi In reply to How to become a CIO?

Security is the unique stream I am always thinking of.

Commercial and financial institutions, mortgage corps, stock broker firms...
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by TheChas In reply to How to become a CIO?

In the US, having a MBA degree is almost a universal prerequisite for any upper level management position.

If for no other reason than being able to "talk the talk" when you are in management meetings, you need a MBA to succeed in most companies.


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by ristucciap In reply to How to become a CIO?

In my view and from my experience becomming a CIO has nothing to do with your technical abilities, experience or dedication. It has to do the circle of friends you mix with, how much *** you can suck, who you play golf with, what school you went to or what country club your a member of. Their has not been one CIO that I have met who has one cent of technical abilities or skills.

Good luck.

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You Can't Become a CIO

by a_holthouse In reply to YOU CAN'T BECOME A CIO

The core focus of a CIO is having the ability to utilise technologies to improve business processes. The fact that you play golf or "suck ***" has nothing to do with it!

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by shawn.patti In reply to How to become a CIO?

First...I am not a CIO, nor have I ever been. Given that, take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I believe that a CIO is an individual who can bridge technology to business. Standing in front of a group of business owners and touting technical terms will get you nowhere, understanding business needs and delivering solutions in the business leaders' jargon is the key.

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by CanadaManEg In reply to CIO

How this role is different from today's Architecture family of roles, starting with just an IT Architect, and ending with Enterprise Architect?

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Here are 3 big differences

by bryanlibin In reply to RE: CIO

1. A CIO proactively discovers and digests business needs while an architect receives defined business needs.
2. A CIO is responsible for the whole process of manging projects and delivering products while an architect focus on design the structure.
3. A CIO communicates with top executives,clients, and vendors while an architect interacts with technical people and first line users.

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If you want to be a CIO, here are a few tips

by aog_z In reply to How to become a CIO?

There is no checklist, but to see a few learning, look up

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