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How to become a "Computer Systems Analysts"(CSA) ?

By voltizukni ·
Dear all,

I did my bachelor CS and I am almost finished with my master (Business and IT, kind of like information technology. Contains classes like: Enterprise architecture, Business Intelligence and IT governance).

I kind of made a "switch" by choosing the master that I did. I don't really want to become a full time programmer or a sysadmin (weird huh? haha), but I really do like IT.

I have zero relevant(!) job experience. Is it possible to be a CSA ( as a junior? The job description in that link is EXACTLY what I wanna be!

If not, what should I do first?

If yes, what kind of companies should I look for? (I did look, but can't really find much)

What is the carrier progression like? (as in what does one become "next"?)
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Still seems to be a degreed position.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How to become a "Computer ...

Sure you may find online offers but this one is the old go back to your local college may be the cheapest path to your degree. Meet with the guidance counselor or what ever they call this today to plan out your course work to your end goal.

1. Get your degree.
2. Do the usual internships.
3. Item 2 builds your network and skills.
4. When you meet the hiring requirements then you apply for the positions.

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How old is that CS degree ??

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to How to become a "Computer ...

I graduated in 1990 from a US college and back then, there were two similar degrees, computer science and information systems. My understanding was the two degree programs were merged into IT (Information Technology). When i graduated, I had a minor in Information Systems and at that time there was no major available at my college.

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