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How to become a consultant

By swadhwa ·

Since there are many consultants on this forum. I am sure I will be able to get good answers to my question.

I am Software Engg. currently working with a well-known Consultancy firm as engineer for past 1.5 years, this is my first job as well. I love traveling and want to move slightly away from coding.

I am thinking of shifting to something in my current field that gives me lot of travel opportunity.

My first question is: will a position of Business Analyst or Consultant will give me travel opportunity ?

And since I have some interest in consultancy also what should I do to become a consultant should I persue a MBA or what ?



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by BFilmFan In reply to How to become a consultan ...

Spend a minimum of 10 years in your area of expertise. With 1.5 years of experience, you don't have enough expertise to be a consultant.

And MBA wouldn't hurt for an awareness of business processses, principles, economics, marketing, etc.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to How to become a consultan ...

To answer your first Question, Yes there is travel opportunity as a consultant.

I disagree with the statement about experience needed, suggested in the first answer, you need some, but if your a tech consultant or consulting a business about technology, ten years experience with the current tech (as of today) you will get nowhere because after teh ten years today?s technology will be out of date by then. And these days it's all about invoation and new imporved ways to solve old problems.

If you know your **** and can sell it to other people you can consult on anything.

Having a degree in the field you want to consult/analyse would be good.

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by alcoutu In reply to How to become a consultan ...

Are you asking about becoming an independent consultant or becoming a consultant in a management consulting firm? If you want to become an independent consultant, then put the word out to trusted members of your network and start moonlighting.

I started my consulting business long before I ever got an MBA. However, since getting my MBA, the quality of consulting work has improved dramatically. But I am also 10 years more experienced!

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How To Become an IT Consultant

by wkriski In reply to How to become a consultan ...

If you do what I suggest on my blog and find a niche market in order to get high rates, it's likely that you will need to travel.
You don't need that much experience if you know your stuff. I started after 1.5 years, provide great value and haven't looked back.

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