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How to best set up a xp network

By francoisv ·
Hi guys

I'm actually a coder and not so much a network admin. But I'm helping my girfriend's dad out with there network he's got about 8 computers on a Win Xp and a ADSL line, I had a look this weekend and I have 3 questions,

First I think they need a good antivirus software what do you guys recomend?
Second do you think I should set up the built in XP firewall on there machines or set up a software Firewall on a machine? and have the router after it?
And third how can I set up to have machines to update regulary so i don't have to come and do it every week?


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by sumesh.adiyapurath In reply to How to best set up a xp n ...


1. Are you looking for paid version of anti virus software or a free one? If you are looking for a free one definitely I?ll suggest AVG. You can download it from here

2. Get the service pack 2 (you can download from Microsoft web site), this once has enhanced built in firewall. Also you can download Microsoft beta anti spy ware product. This will work fantastic. Apply service pack and install anti spyware in every machine

3. You can configure the automatic updates using properties of my computer. Right click my computer-select properties-automatic updates (Hope u have applied service pack 2).

This solution doesn?t require extra cost and will work fine for small workgroup environments.

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by francoisv In reply to

Thanks Sumesh we where willing to buy AV software but think I'll give the one you recomend a try.

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by CG IT In reply to How to best set up a xp n ...

first is to get a consumer level DSL/Cable router. Most come with a built in 4 port switch so you've got 4 covered but you'll need another switch to get the other 4 covered. Since you'll link both switches together using up 1 port on the routers 4 port switch you'll need another switch with 6 ports [prolly get a 8 port. give them room to grow].

Just link everything together and have NAT enabled on the router and your good to go on internet connection sharing for all 8 computers. [the consumer level routers come with DHCP server enabled on the router so all comps just need their TCP/IP settings to be autodiscover.

AV software: Well everyone has an opinion. I use Norton simply because I'm familiar with it.

Firewalls on individuals comps. If they are all XP SP2 the built in Windows firewall is on by default plus the consumer level router also has a firewall. Thats 2 layers of defense.

Most all AV's and Windows O/S itself has automatic updates [unless you ignored the setup wizard]. As long as you leave the comps on, they will update themselves via HTTP.

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by francoisv In reply to

Thanks CG

Your advice on the firewalls made it a bit more clear

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by francoisv In reply to How to best set up a xp n ...

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