How to block a toolbar from getting installed.

By rakesh308 ·
Today while installing an exe a IE Toolbar software (Viewpoint Software)which was bundled into it got also installed. After that when he opened the IE browser it was hanging up, became very slow and even crashed the browser many times.

My question here is can there be any process to stop this kind of toolbar to get installed with other software package? Can we have some Group policy which can help me to stop this trouble.


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Toolbar is usually optional during installation process...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to block a toolbar fr ...

Many users just give a casual glance at any pop-ups during installation, habitually clicking on the OK button to get the software installed asap.

When a toolbar is going to be included in the installation, one of these pop-up windows invariably features a pre-ticked box for the toolbar (on the assumption that everybody wants this thing).

Perhaps actually reading what is in the pop-ups, and disabling any 'optional extras' might help you.

IE allows you to disable any unwanted toolbars. Go to 'View' > 'Toolbars' and untick the one(s) that you don't want. :)


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How to block a toolbar from getting installed 2

by rakesh308 In reply to Toolbar is usually option ...

Thanks Mycroft,

but here in our case at my client site they are asking to find a concrete solution to stop this problem. Is there any group policy settings or any registry settings we can put that even accidentally people will not be able to install toolbar software

Please help

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Personally I can only suggest a policy of ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to block a toolbar fr ...

User Education.

If that won't work, perhaps these users should be denied installation privileges.

If ALL installations were the responsibility of the Sys Admin, the problem would go away. But if all the users want sys admin status, they have to take the responsibility with it.

Maybe another Peer will come up with a global policy. I have concerns that it may interfere with Windows Updates.

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