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By billm ·
I have been using Group Policy to lock down the machines at our office. I am able to block all sites required by my boss except! Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how do you block it?

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by DC_GUY In reply to How to Block access to ms ...

What browser are you using? If it's IE, I'm sure there's code in it to prevent blocking their own home page. They can probably even make a case for it, since there are probably situations in which IE has to "call home to mommie" to figure out how to handle a problem. Considering the rate at which new wormholes are discovered in IE, you'll sleep better if you upgrade to something like Mozilla.

If you're having this problem with a non-MS browser, then that is really scary and we should all throw our computers away right now.

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by scutz In reply to How to Block access to ms ...

Have you looked at TerminatorX - a free 28day trial is available

Simple to install, setup and maintain. It works by reading the Application's Windows Title and kills the proggy based on matches incl. wild cards and so it can kill many many pest products.

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by kawarimi In reply to How to Block access to ms ...

Are you using router? does your router provide user access control feature like firewall etc. if yes, you can try block using this function. Well I am using a proxy server to block it but previously I am using router's firewall feature. Hope this help.

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by ITInstructor In reply to How to Block access to ms ...

What router are you using. Many routers have the ability to blocks sites. (This is done my Ip.)

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by Matthew Yurksaitis In reply to How to Block access to ms ...

Unfortuneately using Microsoft's operating system features to block access to Microsoft's web site will not work. (I'll leave the why to the imagination). You should definitely use a firewall or firewall/proxy combo to place restrictions on websites, protocols, ports etc.. This also provides a degree of separation between your perimiter protection and your servers and workstations.

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You can Block any site USING MICROSOFT TECH

by baruchnews In reply to

That's a compleate myth, because, you can block any site that you need without exception, of course you need to use Infrastructure architectures to built that possivility, i.e.

Here at my company I have Active Directory with Unix Directory Service, for blocking sites we're using ISA SERVER 2006 and works perfectly, and we have multiplataform (Mac, PC and some linux Workstations) and block every site that my Enterprise policy says.

We infact are blocking Messenger (allowing it for some special users)

Any way to block those sites individually in a very small sites, i.e. home network you only need to edit the "HOST" file located at %windir%/system32/drivers/etc

puttin something like this...

this works beautyfully in Windows 9x, 2000, and XP sp1 & sp2, infact if you are using firefox, safari for PC, it works!!! (tested at daughter computer's )

It's highly recommended to use a ISA Server (cache web, VPN, Firewall (osi level 3 to 7) and WEB FILTER)

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Actually, modifying the HOSTS file won't work for certain microsoft sites

by austinian In reply to You can Block any site US ...
Sorry for necrothreadding, but, well, this comes up high in some search results.

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block ""

by scott_mitchell In reply to How to Block access to ms ...

we had the same problem, sounds too simple a fix but specifying both '' and '' finally made this nuisance go away

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