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    How to block Internet accesses ?


    by akwok ·

    How can I block their Internet accesses other than receiving email and one specified application?
    All clients on LAN are connected to the NET through a Leased line, our management don’t like their staff surf the Net in or out of working hours. But they have to communicate by email.
    How to do this?

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      How to block Internet accesses ?

      by stngfan1 ·

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      Look at the Firebox. This is what we use here. It can control access by website or content. It goes on the LAN side.

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      How to block Internet accesses ?

      by tbradley ·

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      You can kill the surfing by completely removing any and all web browsers from their PC’s. Load Outlook express, or any simple mail program that doesn’t run through a browser. This is probably the simplest and easiest way to eliminate the problem, and tell the users that loading a browser is grounds for dismissal.

      What application are you talking about? Is it browser dependent, or just via tcp/ip? If the application doesn’t need a browser, paragraph 1 also applies. Remove the browser, and don’t let them load any.

      If it does rely on a browser, then you have to investigate setting up a proxy server. Are you running a NT network, Novell network, or no network?

      Your ISP can assist in blocking unwanted internet applications by blocking ports.

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      How to block Internet accesses ?

      by mlsnead ·

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      It looks like you had this question posted twice, I answered the other one and I’ll copy it here:

      Well, one thing you could do is to diasable any applications that browse the internet (ie. internet explorer). How you would do this is in the registry. Run regedit.exe and go to this key:

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVers ion\Policies\Explorer

      Make a new DWORD value called “RestrictRun” with a value of 1 (enabled, dont allow applications) or 0 (disable, allow applications)

      Then, under:

      HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVers ion\Policies\Explorer\RestrictRun

      Make string s for each of the programs you want to disable, for example:

      1 REG_SZ “iexplore.exe”
      2 REG_SZ “netscape.exe”
      3 REG_SZ “notepad.exe”
      4 REG_SZ “wordpad.exe”


      -Matt Snead

      p.s. here is where I got this information if I wasn’t too clear:

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      How to block Internet accesses ?

      by akwok ·

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