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How to block Kazaa/Morpheus?

By rmach ·
My network was pounded over the past 2 weeks by students running Kazaa. I pulled the students out of class and put them on probation. How can I prevent this going forward (using technology)? I would prefer not having to run a packet sniffer 24/7 to watch for students downloading garbage.

FYI, Kazaa switches IP addresses of its login servers on a continual basis, so it is difficult to have the app blocked on a regular basis. Additionally, each download uses a different port, so I can't filter out the port either.

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Close all ports except...

by VNCoder In reply to How to block Kazaa/Morphe ...

Try closing all ports except the essential ones like 21, 25, 1080 and 8080.
Use a proxy server.

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Block web addresses

by apluspcnet In reply to How to block Kazaa/Morphe ...

check out the history of the students, in MSIE and check the URL for Kazaa/Morpheus and block them. If the students are logging on, write a logon script to block them/download settings of the Internet Explorer.

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by LordInfidel In reply to How to block Kazaa/Morphe ...

Installing a proxy is one very good way of restricting where people can go.

Especially if you restrict the ports to the standard web ports...

I am not sure what services you need your students to be allowed to do, but at the very basic for websurfing you would need

http= tcp 80
ssl= tcp 443
dns= udp 53 tcp 53

There are also content filters out there that will restrict web site access.

By using the proxy, most of them will allow retrictions via FQDN (

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