How to block/monitor websites users visited?

By nd226 ·
Dear All,

I am looking for a solution on how to monitor or block website visited within our organisation. At the moment i have 8 watchguard firewalls in 8 offices. I have read somewhere that surfcontrol is a software i can also use to do this.

Please can anyone advise me on which way is best to go ahead. The firewall has a feature called web-blocker which can block internet sites. As i have 8 firewalls it can be expensive.

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Well I suppose the easiest way is to configure the Firewall applications

by OH Smeg In reply to How to block/monitor webs ...

To block unwanted Content as you already have this ability. You don't need to spend any more money on Software just use what you currently have.

Of course depending on how the system is setup it may require visiting all 8 Offices to achieve this but as you didn't make any mention of how you administer these Servers it's very hard to suggest anything else.


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block websites

by Mark318 In reply to How to block/monitor webs ...

That's easy to do that with a web filter software. You just need one to install to all the computer on your control.

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Most firewall-based solutions are limited and hard to maintain

by robo_dev In reply to How to block/monitor webs ...

The issue is that they typically make it easy to block/allow one or two sites, but the allow/deny list needs to be dynamic and automatic in order to keep the system admin sane.

The most typical solution for this would be a content filtering proxy server such as:

1) WebSense Express
2) Rhinosoft AllegroSurf
3) Untangle

These solutions allow automatic blocking of categories of inappropriate content, logging of these activities, and other features. Since these are a centralized solution, you have only one proxy server per Internet connection.

WebSense is most costly, AllegroSurf is in the middle, and Untangle is free.

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might i recommend

by brian In reply to How to block/monitor webs ...

I use an opensource server called untangle. there is also a pay version of this which you can customize. Check it out, it may do exactly what you need. It works wonders for blocking websites and what not for my offices, currently running about 100 pc's two locations, two untangle servers...when i update one, i just save the config file to a thumb drive and remote to the other one and upload it.

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Yup that's what I recommended also.

by robo_dev In reply to might i recommend

But also there are several commercial apps that work well, specifically WebSense Express and RhinoSoft AllegroSurf.

But Untangle is an amazing product, and the price is right!!

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by brian In reply to Yup that's what I recomme ...

Sorry robo_dev, I didn't see your post when I was skimming, but most definatly about Untangle, I've used it for a few months now and it has worked wonders on my network bandwidth. Also, if you know a little of how to nav linux, the free version is very customizable. :)

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