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How to block website on internet explorer?

By amosn ·
I want to give access to only one website on machine that's on the LAN. This is the company's website.

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Turn off Gateway

by martin.gauss In reply to How to block website on i ...

As long as there is a route to the internet, it is relatively easy to get around web site blocking (i.e. - with 3rd party browsers, proxies run off a pen drive, etc.). If the intranet site is on the same network as the clients - that is you don't need to go through a router, then you can remove the Default Gateway IP address from the DHCP server or on the Properties sheet for the network adapter.

If this isn't feasible, you might route the client computers through a proxy server that allows access to only your Intranet site.

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Reponse To Answer

by amosn In reply to Turn off Gateway

Everything goes through a proxy, what we want to do is to limit a couple of machines to only access our business site. I heard the was a way of doing it with IE. I've tried running the script noaccess.rat but it blocks all sites from being accessible. I'm looking for another solution.

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Group Policies?

by jdgretz In reply to How to block website on i ...

I'm going to assume you are wanting to block specific users or rolls rather than specific machines from accessing the Internet. If this is true, you should be able to do this via a group policy.

Going the proxy route - the better proxies can point toward a white list for the user and restrict that way.

If on the other hand, it is specific machines you want to control regardless of who is on them, then access restrictions at the router level can work. Again, this is normally done through a white list attached to a specific IP address or hardware device ID. Obviously this won't work with dynamic IP addresses.

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Reponse To Answer

by amosn In reply to Group Policies?

Someone mentioned to me that there is a way of restricting using internet explorer.

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