How to block work-a-rounds while trying to block websites with ISA

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How to block work-a-rounds while trying to block websites with ISA
Background Information:

I work for a school, and the district uses ISA 2000 for their primary firewalls at each school. The school I'm at is using ISA, and is configured as a proxy server so it can block websites using a list in ISA server of blocked sites.

It works great, there's a group policy that sets all IE clients proxy server to the ISA server, and then removes the connections tab so students can't simply uncheck the "use proxy server" box and bypass all the sites.

Then students started to figure out they could use firefox, which the previous tech put on there cause he thought it completely owned [which it does of course] but he didn't secure it. Then he started wondering why all the students could get on these blocked sites. ISA not configured with firefox duhhh. So I downloaded and installed FirefoxADM for active directory and configured it and locked the settings. Worked perfectly.

The Problem:

I tested some workarounds, to see if I could install firefox on a thumb drive, and load the thumbdrive into a PC and boot firefox from there. It worked perfectly, no proxy settings.

What I'd like to do, is block all computers who can't use the proxy, to get nothing, instead of bypassing it. In otherwords, making the proxy server mandetory for accessing the internet. I'm sure it's easy to do, but I can't find the answer right now. I just know that students are going to go to Flock, Opera, Safari for Windows, and all the other alternatives next, and I'd rather stop all of them at once and put two great browsers up front for them to use, and have all others blocked.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, really appreciate it.

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