How to boot laptop from hard disk

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I have finally managed to install Win XP in my Thinkpad 240. What i did was to install XP into the hard disk via another computer. Then I put the hard disk back into Thinkpad 240 and boot it up via XP bootup floppy disk. But now what must I do to make it boot it from it instead of using the bootup each time i start the laptop? I have tried the BIOS to switch it to load from the hard disk but it still does not read the hard disk. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

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Well, you installed XP for a different machine.

by seanferd In reply to How to boot laptop from h ...

The setup will be all wrong fro the machine to which you moved the drive.

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RE: But now what must I do to make it boot it from

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to boot laptop from h ...

A Repair/In Place/ Upgrade Install will be required here or a new clean install.

Follow the directions listed in Method 2


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Windows cannot be installed in Thinkpad 240

by fuzzy In reply to RE: But now what must I d ...

Thinkpad 240 has no cd drive. And I don't have any IBM cd drive to install Window either. I do have an external panasonic dvd drive but the BIOS in 240 does not pick up the drive. That was why i had to remove the hard disk from 240 and install Windows XP into it via another machine. Then I placed the hard disk back into 240 and boot it up into XP with a XP bootdisk via an external floppy drive. 240 will boot into Windows XP as long as I use the bootdisk in the floppy drive. But I was trying to find out how I can get it boot into XP without the floppy bootdisk.

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Where you have gone wrong

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows cannot be install ...

Is installing Windows on another system. This makes the HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer not right for the hardware that the unit ends up in.

As stated above you need to do a Repair Install to fix this.

But if you can boot from a USB Device what's wrong with making a Copy of the Install Files to a Thumb Drive and installing off the Thumb Drive?

Failing that you can copy the Windows Install Files to the Root of the HDD and use those Files to install from. Just remember to copy them to a FAT16 type Partition that you make before transferring the files. You will need to make a very small Partition that you can use as a Recovery Partition.

This may prove helpful

If you want to boot off the HDD instead of the Floppy you Have to Do a In Place Install.

No way round it.


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