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How to boot w/ different TCP/IP settings

By tlong ·
I have 9 different locations in my WAN. Each locations has a different set of IP settings. I would like to create a different profile for each location, so I can choose which profile to boot to, but when I did this, it changed my TCP/IP numbers on every profile. How do I create different IP setting for each profile?

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by eBob In reply to How to boot w/ different ...

Hardware Profiles
Assuming some sort of Windoze O/S, right-click "My Computer", and select "Properties".
Click the "Hardware Profiles" tab. Rename your existing profile to something MEANINGFUL, like "Head Office".

Then copy this profile and rename the copy to something like "Springfield Sales Office". Boot your computer to this profile, and reconfigure the TCP/IP info. The next time you're at the Springfield Sales Office, you should be fine, after perhaps a little bit ofminor tweaking.

Repeat for "Shelbyville Toxic Waste Site", and all of your other locations.

Problem: This gives you a very long H/W Profile menu.

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Setup even a small DHCP server at each location. You're doing yourself a favour in the long run to configure all of your users to run from the DHCP server. But if you can't do that, you can probably start this service up at each site on their local File & Print Server, just to serve up a couple of IP addresses.

Then configure your PC to use a DHCP server (with only one H/W profile, this time) and you'll be fine.

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