How to boot Windows 2003 server from a My Book World Edition?

By shaltoot ·
Hi all. I would like to know if there is a method to boot a PC from a WD My Book World Edition?

WD support says it may be possible to boot from an external HDD, but the DON'T provide support for that!

I have a Wi-Fi LAN of 5 PCs. One of the 5 PCs runs windows server 2003, and its latest SP is installed, also runs X2 thin client AS, and X2 thin client server. The rest are running X2 thin client.

I want to remove all the internal HDDs from all PCs including server to create a disk-less environment.

How to make the Wi-Fi based LAN PCs boot from the WD my book world edition. All PCs BIOS can boot from LAN, or USB.

Thank you.

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by ComputerCookie In reply to How to boot Windows 2003 ...

Doesn't seem logical booting from an external USB is not easy to setup, there's plenty of documenttation out there but there are also a lot of please explain, doesn't work stories as well.

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by bincarnato In reply to How to boot Windows 2003 ...

I don't believe it is possible to do what you are asking. There is no way to get the PCs to boot to anything without a disk,either CD,Floppy, or HD. LAN boot won't work because your PC BIOS doesn't include drivers for a Wireless NIC and I have yet to see a Wireless NIC that has the boot info on it.

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It would not be diskless

by Dumphrey In reply to How to boot Windows 2003 ...

if you booted off the external HD, since you would need to leave it connected for server to work.... only slower then an internal IDE.

You may want to consider a custom linux live cd, such as knoppix in kiosk mode.

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Well the first thing is that the Hardware needs to Support Booting from USB

by OH Smeg In reply to How to boot Windows 2003 ...

You have to set this in the BIOS.

The next thing is that all external HDD's run hotter in a USB Enclosure than they do in a Computers case so they have a shorter life under ideal conditions. Of course if the Drive Enclosure gets bumped or knocked off where ever it is placed it will be destroyed and you'll be in a bit of a problem with nothing at all being able to be used.

I've got a fair idea of what you want to achieve and why but I would have to say that it's currently not possible unless you are prepared to fork out for a Custom made Storage Device to mount the OS and associated software on to drive this configuration.

You would need something like a Solid State Drive that can not be written to but even that is a form of drive.


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