how to break bios password

By whodaguy77 ·
password protected, repaired pc but cannot get through bios or sign password protected

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by shasca In reply to how to break bios passwor ...

Equipment owner will know. No problem. Thanks, please come again.

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But if you just want to break the Password

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to how to break bios passwor ...

You'll need a fiend to help you.

Grab your fiend and affected Computer and go out and steal a large Tracked Vehicle. Get your fiend to drive the tracked vehicle something like a 40 Ton Bulldozer will do toward you while you hold the computer with the password in your left hand.

You'll need to stand in front of the Left Track as the unit approaches you and holding the computer in your right hand with your face less than .25 of an inch away, wait for the track to crush the computer. At that stage the Password will break but because it is dark you'll need to be looking closely or you'll miss it completely.

If you miss it on the first occasion you will never have another chance to break it again so you need to do it properly the first time.


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by NexS In reply to But if you just want to b ...

I think I've seen a 'help me break a password' question at least once a day all week.


EDIT: typo

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Only 1 a day

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to haha

There are generally a lot more than that a day here.


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