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how to break windows administrator password?

By karthikeyan_bsc ·
how to break windows administrator password

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The simple answer?

by Tig2 In reply to how to break windows admi ...


This is a forum of technology professionals. No one will knowingly help you or anyone else to hack into a system.

Might I suggest that Google may help you to find the answers you seek?

Incidentally- posting such gives honest, hard working Indians a bad name. I know many such who would never dream of hacking a system. Unfortunately, we have gotten this very same question from a large number of unethical Indians such as yourself. Kindly re-think how you wish to present yourself on the global stage.

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Ridiculuous Response

by joet In reply to The simple answer?

Who cares who he is and what his nation of origin?!?!?!!

I've needed to "hack" into plenty of systems where the client has forgotten their password.

It's a very legitimate question.

And this response is downright, racist.

-- Black African brought to US 450 years ago by "free thinkers" like this person.

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Then I will re-phrase

by Tig2 In reply to Ridiculuous Response

In this forum, you will not find anyone who will knowingly assist in hacking a password. It's possible that if you have been around a good long while, developed a few relationships, and the like, you might prevail on someone to help you out... via peer mail.

Over the last several months we have been asked that question in one form or another... by Indians. This has happened often enough to have been remarked on by more than one person.

The question on it's face is considered to be unethical. I merely pointed out that one person acting badly can cast shadows on the whole of a people. That is a valid observation.

Do not assume that you know my race. Nor should you assume that you know the content of my character.

EDIT to add: We have all had to hack a system at one time or another. As you rightly point out, people forget passwords. However, we learned how to do that in school or by other means. We did not ask for that information to be published on the Internet. Given the need for security, we all know better.

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You know

by maecuff In reply to Then I will re-phrase

you don't have to rephrase just because some yahoo got a hair up his nether regions.

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He didn't even get the race right anyway

by Oz_Media In reply to You know

Tig you're right, 100%. We don't help people do homework, and that is where these questions come up from mroe than often.

Perhaps your referral to Indians was a little uncalled for, but I am no better for the most part. Where I am from, Indians live in teepees and Asians or East Indian's live in the middle east.

But either way, it wasn't derogatory in intent.

Keep telling them off, when I miss one. Well done.

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My 2 cents worth

by the masses In reply to He didn't even get the ra ...

Racially speaking, I am one of the teepee Indians but I have also been in the tech business since punch card machines, I do wish their was a quick and easy way of getting around passwords without destroying other things, every business owner that sends his PC in to have something installed or upgraded forgets to tell the janitor or receptionist, etc... what the passwords are and then they want the damn thing back working exactly like it was before it came in. AND then they can't understand why it took 2 extra hours to do the repair. Passwords should be eliminated and ignition keys put in their place.

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by Oz_Media In reply to My 2 cents worth

And I certainly hope you didn't take any offense to my descriptions or separation of what different peope consider Indians.

I actually refer to native indians as just that Native Indians and Indians from the Middle East a East Indians (even though that is somewhat regional, everyone understands which race you are referring to and people of that race rarely get offended by the reference.

With respect to passwords, I agree with you it should just be a key, hackable/hotwireable but a lot easier.

As far as people posting here ot get Admin passwords, most of teh tiem it is someone asking a textook question to pass an exam as opposed to understanding and learning it themselves. It gets tiring as it happens ALL the time, often several times a week.

If you need hacks and passwords, there are box projects for that stuff, for example. This is not the place for such BS, that's for kiddies and hackers, they have enough forums.

As for Native Indians, having been exposed to the traditions of most of the four nations, I can confidently say that if I wasn't born in Christian England, I'd rather be a Canadian native, living for my people, my history and my land, not someone else's ideals. A much more grounded and realistic approach to life...well....maybe just a small casino to pay the bills. :)

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Why Me Worry would have verbally ripped this idiot apart

by Big Ole Jack In reply to Then I will re-phrase

I've seen how much he liked Indians and idiotic postings regarding password cracking such as this one.

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You're right, Jack

by Tig2 In reply to Why Me Worry would have v ...

But that just doesn't fit me as well. And it opens invitations to flame wars... that we really don't need.

But I can hear him in my mind!

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Not to mention

by bruceslog In reply to Then I will re-phrase

The original poster has web development background, at least according to his/her profile. Something as basic as this should already be within this persons knowledge if properly schooled. Otherwise, if the poster hasn't learned such basics yet, then they should
a) go back to school
b) hand the equipment over to someone with the proper knowledge to repair it.
c) Not come online asking a tech forum how to break into a system
d) consider another career... one wherein the poster does not have to ask how to break into something.

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