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How to Breakup Collusion?

By bettergains ·

What's your advice for this scenario?

Enterprise environment needs some fixing. Process is aligned to creative thinking, not a disciplined approach (such as UML with some thought to logical data & structures.) Enthusiastic and "sponsored" "Team" members "control the discussion on change. The team is comprised of 6 members, 2 of which have any real understanding / experience with UML ish disipline.

The others dutifully nod and confirm suggestions by the non expert leaders, ie Collude. Momentum takes the group the wrong and status quo direction. Team member with the most expertise doesn't speak up and intervene. 2nd most expert (with least political status in this funky org) is exasperated.

Do I: forget about it?
Try to engage the leaders and experts sans Colluders?
Try to engage the Expert sans everyone else?

What have you found works the best and is the most expedient.

Appreciative, B

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by BFilmFan In reply to How to Breakup Collusion?

Let upper management finally realize that leadership is clueless and begin the purges.

Eventually the knowledgeless take care of themselves.

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Diplomatically engage via #2

by ebeck In reply to How to Breakup Collusion?

As Bfilmfan said - the key here is to get those above to realize that the clueless are at the helm. But if you can get some positive rapport and support via the recognized expert, then you can start wedging the clueless out. If you already have the expert in your camp, engage the leaders with him alone, but only after you've spoken up as a team in the group.
I've found that nothing is expedient with these issues, and I've seen the totally clueless reach unreal heights (and $$) based soley on political connections. Be courteous and dis-arming, as any head on confrontation will only make it more difficult - a lesson I learned the hard way.
Good luck!

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