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How to bring Outsourcing and Agile development together?

By ramireddya ·
Today, Agile software development is receiving increasing attention from across organizations globally. Agile development offers a fresh approach with its emphasis on lightweight processes, flexibility to deal with ever changing business priorities, short delivery cycles and a host of other benefits. Agile development with its inherent benefits combined with Outsourcing offers faster time-to-market at less cost and with excellent quality of delivery:


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Today ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to bring Outsourcing ...

Oh well I should n;t be surprised I mean most of you guys are still using VB6 and ODBC....

If you want to tout agile, you need to be posting to ManagerRepublic, and BeanCounterRepublic, that's where the blocks are.

Outsourcing, agile or not, is for feeble minded idiots.

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Re: Today?

by ramireddya In reply to Today ?

Hi Tony,

You totally mistaken me, I'm not here to make some sales rather like to open up the misconception the industry has in Outsourcing.

If you can get to know the recent trends in Outsourcing, why are the companies still in disarray on Agile methods used. Why are not they really comfortable and facing challenges in successful project delivery.

This webinar will throw a light on all these areas.

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I know exactly why they are in disarray

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Re: Today?

They believed the "This is the right way to do it".

They listened to Gartner.

They listened to some clueless academic, who never has and probably never could implement f'all in the real world.

They bought into the idea that SCRUM was better than, spiral, or waterfall always.
That you should adpapt your project to the lifecycle instead of choosing a lifecycle that meets the needs of your project.

That SCRUM is agile, therefore Agile is SCRUM

But most of all, the business heads, particularly the bean counters, are still firmly wedded to the classic waterfall model. We can be as agile as we like, they still want want a full accurate estimate of time and cost to achieve a set of nebulous requirements in an ever changing enviroment, with unknown resources. Then they pick the 'cheapest' option.

Like I said wrong audience, I was agile before they 'invented' it, I've been doing spiral/iterative amd MosCoW lifecycles for decades.

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