How to Broadcast PING Address

By mani.agape ·
I am working in Python scripting. I an need to find out all the device connected in the network. Just I planned to broad cast the ping address and use the ARP table to get the IP address of the system in the network. As, I am working in Win XP i am not able to use ping -b command to broad cast.
I have one more doubt, Is it is possible to see the router table from the client system (My system), since router table will have the
Mac / IP address of all the system in the network. If there is any possibilities please mention me.

Another option I like to try is to see the DNS table but its not possible from client system (My sytem), I think so.

I am trying this for more that 2 week, no result from any one. Please reply me. Thank's in advance.

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Are you trying to hack the network?

by robo_dev In reply to How to Broadcast PING Add ...

If you are doing this as an authorized user, you could easily get this information from your router and/or your DHCP server, and possibly the ethernet switch.

As an unauthorized user, you can use the nmap utility, it can perform network discovery very easily without any scripting. There are many free network discovery tools for windows (SuperScan, nmapwin, advanced port scanner).

On Windows boxes, DNS settings are in the registry, the only way to manage them remotely is through MMC or if remote registry access /RPC is enabled on the machines.

You really don't need python scripting to do any of this.

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