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    How to build app like OLA?


    by frankbymonster ·

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    How can I make it happen? No skills in programming whatsoever, so I need a team of developers.
    Where should I look for one? And what are approximate expenses?

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      Take help from experts on App Development for making your App

      by finesofttechnologi ·

      In reply to How to build app like OLA?

      Ola utilizes GPS to track the client’s present location and gives options of different taxi cab benefit ranging from economy to luxury. Ola has two applications; one of the clients and another for its drivers. A client, demands for a taxi from his application, though the driver gets notified of requests close-by his area. Once accepted, the driver picks the passenger up from his area and toward the end of the ride, the traveler pays for the ride.

      If you are looking for a team that can develop this kind of application, then have contact the best Custom Application Development Company that not only develop an app and delivers you, but also stand with you if you found any kind of bugs while operating the app.

      And it’s worth depends on App platform and its size.

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      Suitable to any On-demand Taxi Booking Business

      by spotnrides ·

      In reply to How to build app like OLA?

      You can consider a transparent company who provides Uber type clone script. I would like to introduce our own Uber clone app product “SpotnRides” and it can be customized to any type of cab booking business.

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