How to built a server-client?

By tammy8183 ·
I am new in IT industry and I was assigned to built a server-client set-up for around 10 computers. We dont have server PC yet. All computers and the server should be connected through wireless. I dont know what PC to buy for the server and what software i need to install in server PC and clients PC and where i need to install anti-virus software, do i need to install it in server only or in all computers. How should i set this up so that i have a full control in server and other computers, ie. i need to monitor what websites they are visiting and block some websites.

Thanks in advance.

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RE: How should i set this up

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to built a server-cli ...

This depends entirely on the company involved and what if any agreements that may have with Software Vendors.

You first need to discover what the server will be used for so that you can then start to work out what Software int he form of a OS needs to be used and what resources need to be available for that Server to do it's job. For instance File Servers which carry large CAD Files that are shared across the network and are heavily used require lots of RAM and Fast HDD Access as well as higher speed Network Connections.

Where as a Server used to host Exchange doesn't require the bulk resources that a Application Server Requires.

Also not completely unimportunately what is the Budget for this Server?


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RE: How should i set this up

by tammy8183 In reply to RE: [i]How should i set t ...

Thanks for the reply.
Server will be used for file sharing, printer and internet sharing. I am thinking to purchase Windows Server 2008 with 10 Device Client Access License (CAL), is it OK? Do i need to purchase another operating system for each computer?

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Every Windows Server Product

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE: How should i set this ...

Comes with 5 CAL's so if you need need to connect 10 systems you only need 5 additional CAL's.

Next thing is that CAL's allow different systems to connect to the Server they are not Work Station OS Licenses but the Licenses to connect those Workstations to the Server. With M$ Server products you need to pay a License Fee for the Base OS and then for additional Workstations that need to connect to the server. It can get expensive.

Each computer needs it's own OS so ideally you need to look at what is required on the workstations. You also need to look at any agreements that may be in place between the Company and Software Suppliers. M$ for instance offers Discounts to M$ only shops.

You could also place some form of Linux on the Server and have it do the job that is required with Windows Work Stations.

The slowest part here is the WiFi LAN Connection. It's going to be horrendously slow if there is the need to pass a lot of traffic over the network. But because you want/need to use a WiFi LAN the read speeds of the HDD shouldn't be overly important for a file server as the LAN is going to be so slow that the Server will not need to be too highly spec ed out.


edited to add

This may help explain the M$ Licensing Model

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Linux OS for Server instead of Windows

by tammy8183 In reply to Every Windows Server Prod ...

Hi. Thanks for your help.
As you said, it will be expensive. I am thinking of using Linux server OS instead of windows in server to reduce the cost. Is it possible?

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RE:- Is it possible?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Linux OS for Server inste ...

It most certainly is but to make this cost effective the administrator needs to know how to Administer a Linux Platform.

Most of the currently available Distro's have Server Editions available and to be perfectly honest the Big Business Solutions use Linux as Servers not to mention the Internet.

This link may be helpful to you here.


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by tammy8183 In reply to RE:- Is it possible?

I will check first this tutorial.

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Your Welcome EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to thanks..
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Quick Question

by The 'G-Man.' In reply to How to built a server-cli ...

why would you be assigned a task you have no basic idea how to complete?

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I just have to figure it out..

by tammy8183 In reply to Quick Question

It was a new and small company. I just have to figured it out how to built their system.

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