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    How to capture system audio of a video playing inside a VM VirtualBox?


    by watsonandy ·


    Currently, I am trying to “screen capture” some lectures provided by my coaching institute through their app.

    They have some kind of screen overlay that closes all the background apps while it’s running, hence your typical screen capture software doesn’t work. So first I tried to hook up my laptop to my TV and then screen capture from my TV but turns out this app can detect secondary display and hence doesn’t run.

    Finally, I seem to have figured out the screen capturing part. I set up a virtual machine using VM VirtualBox and while the lecture plays inside the VM, I am using OBS to record the screen on the host computer. Basically, the lecture is running in VM and OBS is running on my main computer.

    The screen capture is of very good quality, BUT I cannot get any audio in the recording. It’s only a video.

    Can anyone help me out getting the audio as well?

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