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    How to centralize CISCO AP’s MAC adresses on a server


    by megkilla ·

    Hello everyone,

    I’m kind of new in Techrepublic, but I already have some questions. The fact is, I am managing a little wireless network with some Access Point (CISCO Aironet 1200 Series), and I have already protected them with a WPA encryption key. And added a EAP-TLS security with a RADIUS authentification, but there is still some lack of security.

    I would like to store all the MAC adresses of my computers because leaving them on the AP is kinda dangerous for my network, and after that, when a wireless client want to connect, the AP will check on the server if his MAC Adress is authorized or not, if yes, it will allow the client to enter his ID and pasword to logon on the Network.

    I’ve tried to find a open-source solution on Source-Forge and find nothing about it (but I found lots of cracking tools).

    I made some research at the CISCO website, the only thing I found was the CISCOWORKS WLSE EXPRESS, but it’s really expensive just for a little network. But i’ll keep this idea in mind.

    If anyone have an idea about solving this problem or any clue to help me find this idea, please, post it, and we’ll try to think together about it.

    Thanks for anyone who will try to help me.

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