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How to change batt. of RTC VIA VT82885N

By Charlie2002 ·
I have a PC-CHIPS M560 mainboard (socket 7), a "technician" throw out the battery and told me that my mainboard was dead to discard.
I see that the mainboard has a VIA VT82885N chip that previously had the battery mounted on it (not a regular coin CR2032 in its cup).
The questions are:
-may I connect another new battery?
-what kind of battery?
-to which pins?
-is needed also the connection of a new crystal?
-in case to connect a new crystal I need to know also to which pins and the electronic specifications of that crystal.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Best regards and Happy New Year for everybody

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How to change batt. of RTC VIA VT82885N

by TheChas In reply to How to change batt. of RT ...

Hi Charlie,

PCChips website is down at the moment, so I could not get a manual to look at.

Many 'older' motherboards used a 3 stack NiCad battery that either was along the edge of the motherboard, or mounted to the chassis, and connected to a header on the motherboard.

There are a few that have the battery built-in to the RTC chip. You can tell these by the fact that the RTC IC is 2-3X the height of most 'normal' ICs.

As to crystals, there are several different types, and differentfrequencies.

Standard 2 wire crystals are for the most part non-polarized. I say for the most part because they often function slightly better in one orientation over the other. The 'optimum' orientation varies by oscilator design, and crystal.

The bigger question, is what frequency do you need?

Also factor in that there may be other problems that you do not know about at this point.

Unfortunately, the best source for the details you need is going to be to have another identical motherboard at your side.

Now, my BIG question.
Aside from the learning experiance, why do you even want to try and resurect this old motherboard?

For a battery and crystal, you will spend around $15. For $40, you can have a used 233MHz PII system.


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How to change batt. of RTC VIA VT82885N

by Charlie2002 In reply to How to change batt. of RT ...

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