How to change default csv format in Excel?

By Pofadda ·
I have files produced by an old Palm app with a'.cdb' extension. This format is structurally a '.csv' with extra rows. When a file with this extension is opened I want it to be opened by Excel (2003) in standard .csv columns, not each row just jammed all into column A.

Can this be done?

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Don't think so

by gechurch In reply to How to change default csv ...

Right you are. If I save a file as .csv and open it in Excel it automatically opens with the data in correct columns. Rename the file to .cdb and open it in Excel and it puts all the data in one column.

Assuming you can't just change the file extension to .csv before opening, the only way I know to do this is to run the text import wizard, either from Data - Get External Data - From Text, or by running Excel, clicking Open, changing to all files and opening the file that way. There is no way that I'm aware of to have Excel do what you want by simply double-clicking the .cdb file.

Check out for a longer discussion of the options.

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by Pofadda In reply to How to change default csv ...

Thanks gechurch, that was useful.
Following the links shows me that a big spanner in the works is the system variable 'Application.International(xlListSeparator)' uses system setting => EU countries = ';' and US = ',', part of 'QueryTables' I think.

Maybe I should look at OpenOffice as well. Or just manually rename the .cdbs to .csvs and walk through the Wizard each time. Sigh. ...Learn Python?

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