How to change my career into a computer related field?

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I currently have 130 units completed towards a degree I no longer want. Right before my last semester I was offered a great career in the field and pursued it.

I would like a change in career. Anything computer related is fine. However, Information Technology, Network Security, and/or Software Engineering seems to catch my interest a little more.

I can afford three years of school. Finishing a bachelor's in that time is a big maybe because of the heavy emphasis on math and science. I am also planning to intern while going to school to gain experience in the related field.

I emailed local community college professor for their advice. Now I'm asking the online community.

I am in the San Diego area. Outside of the local community colleges, SDSU, and UCSD are there any other good schools for IT?

I've read some bad reviews on yelp about Coleman.

The options I've come up with so far is as follows:

1. Finish prerequisite and preparatory classes to transfer to SDSU. Once in learn as much as I can about networking/programming/concepts then work on graduation before funds run out.

2. Pursue an associates degree(I'm reluctant to do this because it only required 3 units of CS)

3. Learn as much as I can in the community colleges and use the money on certifications.

How would you go about a change in career with funds for three years of school if you had to do it over again?

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