how to change the default in the save as window

By Chittoor ·
i frequently save webpages to minimize my time online. so in the IE 6 i click file--save as and then in save as type i generally chose mht. but the default is html. is there any way i can make the default as mht? thanks in advance

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Let me know too

by RNR1995 In reply to how to change the default ...

Looking for same answer as IE 7 does this

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Possible solution to IE "Save As" change default?

by yodelion In reply to how to change the default ...

I have been seeking the same information, but I seem to know just enough about the inner workings of my machine to get me into trouble. I did find something that appears to be a good candidate for a solution at the Microsoft Developer Network site, but I could use some translation into laymans terms:

and also found:

Am I on the right track at least?

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Looks like Apps

by RNR1995 In reply to Possible solution to IE " ...

These look like something to do with creating your own apps
I think what we all want is just to change a registry setting from "web page complete" to
"web archive single file" as the default save as (html to mht)
Ironically IE7 has the mht as the default save as, I just cannot stand IE7. Why couldn't MS make a classic interface for it I will never know?
But thank you for the information
If some programmer out there could enlighten us, that would be appreciated!
This feature has been sought after for years, I have never found a solution
thanks again

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