How To Change Windows 8 Password?

By IT2MD ·
My husband bought a used laptop at a pawnshop. When he bought it they enabled him to change the password at the time of purchase.

He has since been changing his Password when prompted by Windows.8. Last month he changed his password before going to work. That evening when he got home, he took me to ER which ended in me being hospitalized. When he tried to access his computer, he had forgotten the password.

Now we are trying to reset his password, but Windows 8 (which I despise) asks first for a USB drive (which I have) and then for a Windows 8 Start Disk (which I don't have). We can access the Guest profile; but I don't know anything about Windows 8 because I really do not like it. ALL my other computers are Windows 7.

My question therefore is this: is there another way to access the Owner profile and reset the password?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Reset password

by alfredjack714 In reply to How To Change Windows 8 P ...

Well, many will use password disk, but you have no disk. Maybe you can use some tools, I found wizard Windows password recovery from , this program can help you reset password, I don'n know if it work, I just found this on Google, you can try.

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windows password recovery

by Amber2012 In reply to Reset password

Way 1: Reset or Remove Windows 8.1 Password with Command Prompt
If you want to take this method into use, you should login Windows 8.1 with admin account first.
Step 1. Press Win X and choose Command Prompt (Admin).
Step 2. Type command "net user UserName NewPassword" and press Enter.
Suppose Betty is the lost password account.
If you want to reset new password for user, set it like this: net user Betty 12345
If you want to remove this password, just replace NewPassword with *:net user Betty *
Step 3. Close the command prompt and now you have reset or remove password for Windows 8.1 user account Betty.

Way 2: Reset Windows 8.1 Admin Password with Third-party Software
Step 1. Download or get full version of Windows Password Recovery on another accessible computer.

SmartKey Windows Password Recovery
Windows Password Key

Step 2. Run it and insert USB or CD-ROM to create a Windows password reset disk.
Step 3. Enter BIOS to change setting and then enter software user interface.
Step 4. Choose Windows account to reset Windows 8.1 password.

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Reset the password for Windows 8

by monika399 In reply to How To Change Windows 8 P ...

Follow the given below easy steps to reset the password. As every people don’t know the windows 8 user with administrator level rights has the ability to change another user’s password.
1. Open Windows 8 Control Panel
2. Click on “User account and Family safety link” option. Then choose the option User Account.
3. Make changes to your user account area of the user Accounts window has many links. Click on Manage another accounts.
4. Click on the "...user you would like to change" the password for.
5. Now that you're in the Make changes to [username]'s account screen, touch or click on Change the password.
6. On the Change [username]'s password screen, enter a new password in both the first and second text boxes.
7. In the last text box, you're asked to Type a password hint. This is not required.
8. Touch or click the Change password button to save the password change.
9. You can now close the Change an Account window and any other open windows.
10. Sign out, or restart the computer, and have the person you reset the password for try logging in to Windows 8 again.
11. Once logged in, be proactive and either have the user create a Windows 8 password reset disk or switch to a Microsoft account, either of which will provide an easier way to get a new password in the future.

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