How to charge the new battery the first time

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hello, everyone,

I got a new laptop battery (link removed by moderator), and i have been told that the new battery was supposed to fix the "memory effect". In other words, i should let my battery fully discharge at least once a week before re-charging it. But google informs me that lithium batteries do not suffer from the memory problem. So, whether should i do as what they said? On the other hand, i have heard that full discharge/recharge cycles were good for nickel batteries, they reduce the life of lithium ones. OH, which saying is more reasonable, i have no idea….

Any help will be greatly appreciatted here, thanks advanced!!
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Both statments are correct

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How to charge the new bat ...

A Lithium Battery should not be discharged below 20% of it's capacity and a Nickel Battery will develop a memory if it is only part way discharged and then recharged constantly.

A Lithium and Nickel Battery are different batteries they are made with different materials and behave differently and as a result need to be treated differently.

If you do not know what you have you should read the Specification Label on the battery Ni shows it is Nickel metal Hydride and LiPo shows it is a Lithium Polymer battery. You should treat the battery according to what it actually is.

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