How to check if a Smart TV was used and then factory reset?

By DR147 ·
Hello guys, I have a smart Android TV which is claimed to be brand new but I have my reasons to suspect that it was used for a short time and then factory reset. Is there any relatively simple way to check if it's the case?
I am not an expert, obviously I don't have any forensic equipment and not going to go anywhere near that far anyway. I am not interested in what might be still stored on this TV in the slightest, all I need is a simple not really intrusive way to check if it is indeed brand new or it was used even if just shortly.
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Have to write no.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How to check if a Smart T ...

I'm someone that has worked in engineering along with getting products out of design and into production along with product testing. It's very common to test the set then at the last steps in production to factory reset so every set would have been used then factory reset.

You'll have to find a better way to test this out since all these sets as we know do get some number of minutes to hours of use in test before shipment.

PS. Adding with edit. While some sets in the past had in some tech menu the number of power on hours, anyone that gets into that menu must assume all liability. If you enter commands and brick or break the set, it's not covered under warranty. So I have to issue that warning as folk have melted down over having to pay for repair after they tinkered in the tech menu.

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PS. For your research.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How to check if a Smart T ...

The make, model, year was omitted so you can alter this to see if there's a how-to in the world:

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