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    How to check VGA Monitor


    by thinknologist ·

    How to check VGA Monitor

    PC does not boot, then i removed the VGA Card then re insert it again and still no beep sound. I decided to remove it again and insert it back and then the PC beeps upon booting but I noticed that the Monitor was not performing well. The Power LED was ON but there were no display.

    I grab another Monitor and plugged it with the System Unit and it worked well. It displayed excellent video. So plugged back the old Monitor and still it beeps and boots up but the monitor has no display.

    What could be the problem with my monitor? is there any way of checking Monitor if they are still in good working performance?


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      Monitor Check

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to How to check VGA Monitor

      You have pretty much done all that most users can do to test a monitor.

      The only other possibility would be to hook the monitor in question up to a different computer. I’m assuming that the “bad” monitor worked with the computer at one time. Ifso, chances are great that the monitor just died of either old age or possibly a power spike.

      The only other thing to check (if you haven’t already done so) would be to make sure the brightness and contrast are in fact turned all the way up. People have been known to play tricks.

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