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    How to choose a good product


    by vasya87 ·


    the famous problem

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      Go for customer reviews!

      by simon27 ·

      In reply to How to choose a good product

      My tip is straight forward: read the opinions of others! That’s even a better source than tests run by a magazine or blog-post which are faked or supported by the manufacturer. Try to find the honest user opinion and look for the worst point they make out. Compare the worst points of the product you’re looking at and choose the one with the less negative aspects.

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        Go for customer reviews!

        by canary1491 ·

        In reply to Go for customer reviews!

        Hi simon27,
        I agree with you!! Your way of choosing is really nice,because i’m also like you..

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      Know your options

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to How to choose a good product

      Too many consumers are arriving home with a new purchase only to find it to be incompatible with their current equipment. Reading consumer reviews can lend some insight and visiting different stores to see the displays of current versions and how options affect the end price.

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      Ask for a Proof of Concept

      by vallum halo ·

      In reply to How to choose a good product

      Addressing software products in particular:

      The reality of today’s technology is that nothing can be guaranteed without first testing a product out in your enterprise’s environment. Ask for a Proof of Concept (POC). And take it as a bad sign if the prospective vendor doesn’t support or permit that.

      Don’t be afraid of (1) Asking for a POC; (2) Insisting on support from the prospective vendor during the POC; (3) Saying “no” if the software doesn’t work out.

      Given the high investment and pitfalls of any new software acquisition, it doesn’t make sense for an organization to purchase an unknown product from any vendor. And today, most vendors don’t even expect that — any reputable vendor will let you try software out. That includes software embedded in appliances IMO, perhaps especially so.

      Finally, I would be wary of prospective vendors who don’t permit you a POC, but instead promise you a full refund instead (if things don’t work out.) Really — you as a customer — deserve BOTH the chance to trial software AND get a full refund if things don’t work out AFTER the trial (at least for a short period of time.)

      That isn’t unreasonable. It is actually the “new normal” for most companies I know of.

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      Depending what do need….

      by ericschweizer ·

      In reply to How to choose a good product

      First, you need check it for free. Good product mustn’t be very chear and expensive. Price/quality

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      Reviews by Consumers

      by techverx ·

      In reply to How to choose a good product

      Simply check reviews and consumers opinion about the product, rather then experimenting yourself. 🙂

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