How to choose a Media Server for a 1500 employee non-profit organization?

By srr899 ·
I am recently looking for a proper server for a 1500 employee company. Basically streaming video and audio for educational purpose would be sufficient - I am not looking at VoIP functionalities. Just wondering what kind of configuration should i look at? How much bandwidth would it occupy during peak access time? And of course the price - could you recommend some places for an estimation? What are my options for security protection? Is there any template for business case? Thank you in advance. R

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Any thoughts on media server?

by srr899 In reply to How to choose a Media Ser ...

Your insights are greatly appreciated!

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Storage Server

by spidershrek In reply to How to choose a Media Ser ...

Hi, I suggest a Storage server or a SAN. If you are streamming internaly it will be based on the type of switches you have. Streaming Externaly depends on the ISP connection. I suggest dedicating a T3 for streaming externaly and giga switches internaly. Hope this helps.

Also See for storage if you dont mind refurbished items.

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Thank you!

by srr899 In reply to Storage Server

Thank you so much! I will dig more info about the link you have provided. :)

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