How to choose Offshore Software Development Company?

By montecristo999 ·
I'm looking for a good offshore software development company, for personal purposes. Since the budget is limited, I consider working with foreign developers, any advice and recommendations will be extremely useful
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Try LinkedIn?

by tcavadias Staff In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...

Might want to post your ad on like LinkedIn. This might draw you some good candidates.

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How to choose Offshore Software Development Company?

by tomanderson8881 In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...

I'll only talking from my personal experience. You should do a LOT of research before any dealing. Try to get a more clear picture of behind the scenes by trying to communicate directly with the developers instead of the managers, almost everyone can understand English. I worked with developers from Eastern Europe, more precisely from Ukraine.If you think which company is best to choose, read this article I think it will help you

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Offshore Software Development Company

by susan.infosystem11 In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...

I would we recommended Hvantage Technologies, is an offshore and outsourcing development company providing full-cycle offshore servicing: requirements gathering and analysis, creation of custom software solutions, architecture, UI/UX design, QA, testing, remote administration, maintenance and support.

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Things to consider to choose offshore development company

by link6 In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...

You need to identify your business needs for a new custom software. Consider all the existing problems and risk factors for the software development team with a clear vision. Inform them what kind of software you require for your business in order to simplify the complicated workflows that meet all your business prospectives.

Calculate your budget spread for the project. You should look at the past projects and apps that the company has developed and decide accordingly and not only on the basis of the budget.

Referrals help a lot for almost all businesses while selecting a company.

The technical competency of the people in the company and their knowledge and skill and expertise in diverse business domains will be crucial factors too.

As some companies make use of .net technology and some may consider the Java technology while developing a software, you should consider the choice of technology before finalising the project, which helps to create a perfect brand software for your business.

Finally consider and discuss about the technical support provide by your chosen software development company while delivering your software.

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by govusy In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...

Use linkedin for this, you might end up hiring some good candidates.

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How to choose Offshore Software Development Company?

by rorko In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...

Post your ad in social media platform, You will get the best companies approach to you.

I have make it short to you.

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Recrosoft Technologies

by Recrosoft In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...

Before handling project to company, check they should meet your criteria in regards to the following factors:

Communication and language proficiency (both oral and written)
Previous work experience in your industry
Expertise in technologies needed
Cost-effectiveness of their offshore web development services
Clients that are similar in size to your company
Company longevity
Company time zone

RECRO is one of the top Mobile App development company in Bangalore, India, Dubai, Canada & USA. We develop cutting-edge iPhone, iOS, iPad, and Android application for business. Check company profile here:

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Solution on how to choose best offshore software company.

by vikasyadav2 In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...

In today fast-growing technology world, the web has mushroomed with thousands of offshore software development companies whose prime aim is to capitalize on the concept of "outsourcing", and prove their mettle in the offshore software development industry.
Also, a good percentage of people around the globe feel that the only factor that has given incredible momentum to this practice is the "cost saving" factor. However, on a deeper sense, I did find out that there are many good reasons for which a company can choose to opt for software outsourcing offshore. The below mentioned points are very useful for selecting a top offshore software development services company:-
1.Excellent Communication
2.Technology Expertise
4.Similar Clientele
6.Time Zone

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Choose the right offshore software development company

by Carl574 In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...


As you know, there are a lot of offshore software development companies. Let's figure out how to choose the best one for your project.

1. First of all, try to browse the company's website to find some previous projects or their expertise in an area in which you focused. Also, check their testimonials from customers, blog posts etc. After that, I think you will have a clear understanding of company's experience.

2. Moreover, you could search for company's rankings on platforms like GoodFirms ( or Clutch ( It's very comfortable to use because you can filter the ranking list by different parameters as geolocation, areas of development (mobile or web) etc. Also, there you could read the reviews about the chosen company.

3. What is more, make sure that company, that you are going to choose, sign the NDA. It's very important because it will protect your unique project idea.

Also, I would recommend that you read this guide. You will find more information about benefits of offshore software development and its issues that could happen -

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How to choose Offshore Software Development Company?

by Julia34 In reply to How to choose Offshore So ...

To be specific, here are the key points:

1) Location. It determines the English level, the pool of tech specialists, time zone, work ethic, mentality, costs, quality of the work delivered, development rates( ) etc. Discover the location properly in order to ensure all the criteria are satisfying.

2) Previous experience. Ask, whether the company has previous experience in outsourcing. If they have, address their customers to get a feedback.

3) Business Overview and Credibility. Make sure your offshore software development company is able to provide your team with convenient work conditions(e.g equipment, office).

4) Project Management and Communication Tools. Communication is important. Learn what communication and management tools your potential vendor uses and whether they suit your business.

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