How to clean Windows 7 to become more faster?

By pitter2x ·
Could you describe How can I clean unwanted programs in Windows 7 to become more faster?

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to remove programs

by PurpleSkys In reply to How to clean Windows 7 to ...

start menu>control panel>programs and features...wouldn't hurt to get a little program called ccleaner to remove unwanted cookies and clean out your history as well. If you don't mind me asking, what are the specs on said computer ie: ram, processor, etc?

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Dont forget to Defragment

by markp24 In reply to How to clean Windows 7 to ...


Also from you can download defraggler, run it after ccleaner

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Pay for performance

by RandallTabor In reply to How to clean Windows 7 to ...

There is nothing wrong with trying the free stuff mentioned, however, there is something to be said for paying for performance. In near desperation, I recently accepted a free trial of PC Tune Up and found it to be a phenomenal product. It is not expensive in my viewpoint, but does cost - under $40. I automatically and quickly fixes a number of issues including registry bloat, broken shortcuts and cookie cleanup. After the free trial, I was pleased to pay for it because it worked very well. I will likely buy another license for another PC in my home very soon.

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depending on

by ARandomPenguin In reply to How to clean Windows 7 to ...

your install habits (do you like to download a bunch of "helpful" programs), if so (or even if not) try disabling some of the less important start up programs.
go to: Start menu>search>"msconfig.exe" (no quotes)>then start up/services (but its preferable if you dont tamper with the "C:windows/___" locations but rather target the "C:program files/___" (all depending on your confidence or knowledge)
then there is the previously mentioned programs. it might even be a good idea to invest in an external hard drive to store your pictures/music/certain documents to free up space on the hard drive

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CCleaner and ...

by shahdan In reply to How to clean Windows 7 to ...

Use the Cleaner and Registry tools from CCleaner. For deep registry cleaning, you can use Comodo System Cleaner.

Uncheck any windows startup option that you not really use as it will run at the background. You can use Autoruns from Windows Sysinternals.

Uninstall any unused browser's toolbar.

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speed things up

by 2WiReD In reply to How to clean Windows 7 to ...

1. Unwanted software: Remove all toolbars for your browsers. All of them. You are not so lazy as to be unable to type or or whatever to get a search bar. They suck up resources. Then uninstall all trial software, games, and other bloat programs.

2. Be malware free: Install a malware hunter such as malwarebytes. Or whatever one you're comfortable with. Update and run a full scan.

3. Ensure your system is ok: Click on Start and in the input box type "sfc /scannow" without the inverted commas and hit enter

4. Remove startup items: Click on Start and into the input box type "msconfig" without the inverted commas and hit enter. Go to the startup tab and untick all unnecessary items. If you don't recognise it or your don't know, google it. You dont need things like adobe or msn chat or so forth starting everytime you boot, but you do want your antivirus kicking in, etc.

5. Clear space: Click on My Computer, and in turn right click on each of your harddrives and select "Properties". Run the disk cleanup on each. Ideally keep like 20% of your HDD as free space to keep it nice and happy.

6. Tidy up your cleared space: Still in the Properties window, click on the Tools tab and click on the middle button "disk defrag". defrag each drive.

7. Check your physical HD Right click on C go to the Properties window,select the tools tab, and click on "Check Now". Ensure both boxes are ticked, click ok twice, and reboot. This will run the ChkDsk [check disk] program on reboot and ensure that your hdd is ok. Give yourself about 2 hours for it as it can take ages and you can't do anything while its running.

8. Reduce visual effects: Right click on My Computer and select Properties->Advanced system settings. Select the Visual Effects tab where you can reduce the more visually appealing but resource draining features.

9. Get your page file right: Still in the My Computer->Properties->Advanced, select the Advanced tab, and click on the change button. This is to control your available virtual page file. If you dont want it to automatically manage this, you can se your page file [in MB] to be 1.5 times the size of your RAM.

Hope it helps.

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