How to Clone a single application

By jawaglen ·
Is it possible to clone a single program or application, including registry items, settings, and all necessary files for transferring to a different hard drive?

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some can be, but overall "no"

by databaseben In reply to How to Clone a single app ...

only a certain type of program can be successfully cloned. these are usually small executibles, like utilities and old dos programs.

these programs usually comprise of one or two files and don't make entries into the registry hive.

but overall it is not possible, especially if they require a product key to activate which prevents anti piracy.

another reason is that there can be thousands of registry entries (through out the hive and sometimes with encrypted key names) made during setup by a program.

another reason is that during setup, some of the files being installed are actually being re-programmed / customized for the exact computer its going to work on.

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Reponse To Answer

by Bruce Epper In reply to some can be, but overall ...

"they require a product key to activate which prevents anti piracy"

So the product activate prevents legitimate usage of the program? (Piracy = illegitimate usage, anti-piracy = legitimate usage)

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to some can be, but overall ...

Not sure I understand what it is you are trying to get at here.

If it needs a Product Key then most likely the program has Registry Entries and other Files spread across Windows so it's not possible to Clone it as such.

Sure use the Install File along with the Product Key and you can use it on Multiple Systems or different OS's on the Same System but the only real way to move any application from one version of Windows to another is to use the Install File.

Nothing wrong with that unless you want to clone the entire HDD and use it elsewhere but cloning a single application that is a Windows Application isn't possible.


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Reponse To Answer

by databaseben In reply to some can be, but overall ...

ultim.. - i'm not here to justify the incorporation of the product key / licensing systems.

i'm just explaining that product keys are a method used to prevent piracy.

product keys are registered by the manufacturer after the product is setup on a system.

and the manufacturer will only allow a product key to be activated in accordance to the licensing agreement.

so while some product keys can only be activated a single time, there are cases where a product key can be activated on several more computers, as allowed by the manufacturer.

also, there is a mention that hdd can be cloned and used on other systems. but this is no longer true. when windows is setup on a system, it takes an inventory of all the components of that system. if i recall, it inventories 10 components and acquires their internal serial codes of each component and builds a "hardware hash". and the hardware hash is analyzed "every time" windows is booted up.

in doing so, if that hardware hash is transferred to another computer which appears to be identical, the internal serial codes won't match the hardware hash and windows won't boot. again, this is another anti piracy feature.

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Don't Forget Dependencies

by TheChas In reply to How to Clone a single app ...

And, don't forget dependencies!

For many applications the installer often installs Microsoft or other third party files that the application depends on to run.

Various versions of Visual Basic, C++, Dot-Net Framework, and others may be required for an application to run.

While your at it, don't ignore licensing rules. More than a few licensed applications are now only licensed for the first computer they are installed on. Others require that you deactivate the license from the old installation before you can activate the license on your new computer.

Now, if you are building an application, there are various installer builder or packaging programs you can use that will bundle all of your identified registry keys and support programs into a single package to distribute.


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by gkiefferjfk2 In reply to How to Clone a single app ...

Now days there are many BIG applications that can be cloned... BUT you have to obtain them as a PORTABLE VERSION. If you install those they only use the directories directly under them...
THUS you can most likely run them on someone else's Microsoft Computer provided that the software says it will work for XP, 2000, VISTA, 7, etc...

FIREFOX is one BIG WEB BROWSER that comes as a PORTABLE application.

Some BIG software that you buy if you go to the developer's [COMPANY] web site you might be able to obtain that in the PORTABLE version than take the DEFAULT one time only install version.
IF you do not mind getting some form of software that might be a little OLD then you could try OLDAPPS.COM and search [browse] for something that you might like...
SOME software companies might have had a few yrs ago had a OLD [portable] APPLICATION bit do not offer that feature any more and you might get something that you like better there... OR one that used to be FREEWARE but now are charging you some $$ to have it on your computer...

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