How to close the parentwindow without closing child window in windows appli

By tpramarao ·
thanks to response,

I want close the parent window immediatly, when i open the child window using windows application. Please help me to solve this problem ASAP.

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Not enough information ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How to close the parentwi ...

What is the application?
The parent window IS the application, so why close it?

What computer is this on?
What operating system?

Please give answers to these questions ASAP.

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Don't think you can close the parent window

by jruby In reply to How to close the parentwi ...

It might be possible, but I have a feeling you'd have to do a lot of extra work. You can try a couple of things, though:

1. Set the parent window's Visible status to FALSE. The window disappears but is still running in the background.
2. Launch a second application as the second window, this gives a separate process id for the second window and the first window (application) can then be stopped through fairly easy methods.


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Depends on what you mean by parent and child

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to How to close the parentwi ...

If it's MDI, then by definition you can't.

If it's a standard windows application built with say VS or Delphi or some such then it expects the main form to be there because it's the main form.

Is the child modal?

You could hide it or minimise it instead, even hide it from the taskbar.
You could make two applications with a form each and switch between them.
You could have an 'invisble' mainform and switch between the two (or more windows).

Oh well at least you said please...

This is very dependant on aht you are using to write the applicatioon and to a certain extent the target operating system(s)....

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