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How to compare my knowledge with the IT people in USA?

By divajn ·
I am from Europe.
I have Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. 3 years of working experience as application developer in Lotus/Notes/Domino. I have the CLP cert. During theese 3 years worked almost everything from hardware problems to network and app development. I would like to come to USA one day (I hope soon), but the problem I have is how can I compare where I am on the job market in the USA. Can I found job at all? What about the salary? Entry level or...?


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No one wants to come to the US!

by mrbill- In reply to How to compare my knowled ...

Why would you want to come to the US for? Have you not heard? We are just a bunch of illiterate war mongering sheep who do not have an original thought between us. All we do is go around shooting each other and invading poor defenseless countries who would not even hurt a fly.

With your credentials and background you could expect a good standard of living, depending where you find work. Other Peers on this site will know more about that than I. Good luck and hope to see you on our shores soon.

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I have been there and I like it

by divajn In reply to No one wants to come to t ...

I was in USA in 1998 as a student. "work and travel program". I worked as a dishwasher in WI.After that we visited many cities (East and West Coast).
I like USA.

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reasons to live in U.S.

by john_wills In reply to No one wants to come to t ...

After 13 years in California I returned to the land of my citizenship for 5 years. When I once again came to the U.S. the customs bureau gave me a big form to complete. One of the questions was "Why have you returned to the U.S.?". I answered "high wages, low prices". This wasn't my real reason, but it was true and apparently satisfactory.

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"high wages, low prices".

by Oz_Media In reply to reasons to live in U.S.

Ok you guys know I couldn't stay away from this one. :-)

The only thing I can say is America is a fantastic place to visit, most of the people are extremely welcoming and kind. The people don't seem to have any bearing on what the government does though and simply smile and go along with what they are told and shown.

I can think of a thousand reason to move to America (yes I lived there for some time)I can think of 1001 reasons not to though.

The nature of my business is demanding my return to England, which I hope to do one day but I just can't get the Candian mountains out of my head, it is like Eden here.

by all means, move to America I'm sure you will find many successes that are simply closed doors in England, just don't forget to look through the media fog once in a while and see what's really going on behind American's backs.

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I am sad...

by mrbill- In reply to "high wages, low prices".

Oz, when you were in the States did a politician scare you or something? To be so cynical at such a young (or not) age, it saddens me. We may not have the best system but it works for us. BTW we all do not follow or Gov blindly as you are so quick to point out. Gray Davis is going down! Maybe W is next, eh.

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Point made

by Oz_Media In reply to I am sad...

You are right when you imply I generalize American's. This is just from my experiences in where american's seem to band together with an idead whether or not they fully understand the motives and repercussions of it. Unfortunately, my last ten years dealing with American companies has been in the music industry which is definitely as bad if not worse than the movie industry.

As for Gray davis, I'm sure you will vote accordingly (if that's what it takes). As Americans I'd figure you could just shoot the guys you don't like and claim that they were violating your personal rights.:-)

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by mrbill- In reply to Point made

Sorry you have to deal with our music I mean industry.

As too Davis, I am not a Californian, so I can not vote him out, the shooting idea sounds interesting...

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Oh Canada!

by lumberjack In reply to "high wages, low prices".

Ho oz

glad you love Canada so much - I am canadian born (Sudbury - Ontario) and still hold my passport (proudly).

look to migrate back in about 12-18 months with my family. Whats work like on your side of the pond? i already have family there / place to live but still a bit scared to take the plunge and start swinmming

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Check the requirements

by tarden76 In reply to How to compare my knowled ...

Greetings to you!
I have a similar story as yours. I visited WI on a work&travel programme, starting from dishwasher to lunch cook. I hope to go back as I am IT pro. Would like to get some information from you about your stay in USA and future, write if you want to:

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