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how to configer router in linux

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i want know how to configer router in linux

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Try a book or

by Mr.Wiz In reply to how to configer router in ...

a websearch on the topic. Also, you might want to use the "Ask a Question" button next time instead of the "Start a Discussion" button.

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We're sure getting alot of these

by Dr Dij In reply to Try a book or

I'm not sure if the same person since seems like every question is spelled wrong.

Then they 'WANT' something, possibly do to them not being english as a native language, they are asking in what seems like a demanding way. 'I WANT' to our Indian friends (these may really be someone else who is not indian of course) is what a little spoiled kid asks his mommy. 'I WANT THAT!' 'GIMME!!'

I'm not trying to offend anyone and I don't hate anyone, this is just how these questions are coming across. which makes me think they may not be for real.

Finally as mr wiz pointed out, the questions are either overly broad or elementary to the point that the person asking seems lazy not to look up for themselves.

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