How to configure a computer to not save information on its hard drive

By Cool&Deadly ·
How do i configure a computer to decline from saving information on the its hard drive but able to save information externally (external hard drive, flash drive)?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.


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by robo_dev In reply to How to configure a comput ...

What are you trying to accomplish?

A kiosk PC or a computer lab of some sort?

What OS?

With Linux, a Live-distro will run off a read-only CD or DVD, which cannot be written to.

With Windows, your OS cannot run on a read-only device.

You can lock-down a workstation so that the user cannot save data on the local drive.

However a great deal of data, such as browsing history, every image ever displayed in the web browser, and evidence of every program executed on the PC will be saved on the drive.

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xp machine

by Cool&Deadly In reply to Clarify

its an windows xp machine. I do not want any user to be able to save information on the hard drive. Only on external storage devices

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a couple of possible options . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to xp machine

a> enable Quotas at some really low number like 5KB and enforce the Quota with the check box:
"Deny disk Space to users exceeding Quota limit"

(you can set quotas as low as 1KB)


b> setup a reboot and restore type system with a product like Drive Vaccine

with a reboot and restore setup or a Disk Space Quota managed system,

you can use a logon wallpaper and / or the Security Policy for:
Interactive Logon: "Message text for users attempting to log on"

to notify users:
of disk space Quotas:
"This system has a 5KB Enforced Disk Space Quota, all files must be saved to external storage devices"

to notify users:
of a reboot & restore config.:
"This system is protected by DriveVaccine, any files saved to the local HDD will be deleted / lost / removed etc. at log off / shut down, restart etc."

Must be XP-Pro to set security policies with the security policy editor
it can be done on XP-Home but it requires manually editing the registry or creating a .reg file and importing it

I've never had to do this so I can't attest to how good the solutions are but they are options

- I don't use quotas but rather permissions and my doc redirection
- I haven't had a requirement to deploy a reboot & restore setup, but I've heard good reports about this type of setup.

one last note:
- if the users are in the administrators group they can override quota management

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Hard drive Broken

by aavalerio In reply to How to configure a comput ...

maybe your hard drive don't work properly.. check it first.

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Um, No . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Hard drive Broken

the original question was about preventing User Data on C

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Microsoft Windows Steady State

by rkuhn In reply to How to configure a comput ...

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