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    How to configure access-list on a cisco 2621


    by petersan.jeanpierre ·

    I am trying to configure a static access-list that would allow traffic from an outside interface to my internal network over port 25 for mail server, 1723 for windows vpn, port 443 for secure access with a remote site, 5745 and 2837 for database backup.

    the access-list that I created is direct example with an online document from Cisco and I still can ‘t get it work.

    Example access list
    ip nat inside source static tcp 1723 interface FastEthernet 0/0 1723

    the rest of my is identical to the above example with the exception of the port addresses.

    Can anyone help?

    I am new to TechRep. and I don’t know how much info I can actually put on one posting.

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      configure nat

      by synner ·

      In reply to How to configure access-list on a cisco 2621

      did you configure the inside and outside interfaces for nat?

      on the inside interface:
      ip nat inside

      on the outside interface:
      ip nat outside

      When you access the resources, you must access them using the inside global address.

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        How to configure Access-List

        by petersan.jeanpierre ·

        In reply to configure nat

        Yes I already setup the inside and outside ip nat. On one interface FastEthernet 0/0 I have “permit ip any any configured and on FastEthernet 0/1 I am filtering the traffic that I want to let through the inside.

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