How to configure Cisco 871 for 2 external static IP addresses to 2 VLANs

By tkman28 ·
HI all.
I am hoping there is a kind and generous sole out there who is familiar with Cisco routers and configuring ones like the 871.

Here's the intended network setup.

One primary external IP static address:
Mapped to this is a block of static ip address from the IS provider. to I can only use 129 to 135.
I want to map 2 of these to internal networks through the 871 router.
I have set the router wan port fe4 to
I have set up vlan1, vlan2, and vlan3.
vlan1 associated with fe0 and ip
vlan2 associated with fe1 and ip
vlan3 associated with fe2 and ip

fe1 will be connected to an internal router that needs to be assigned an IP address that is visible externally. I was going to assign this
Fe2 will be connected to a separate router and network that will need to be assigned one of the exposed static IP addresses like

How do I link vlan2 with ip to the router attached to fe1 that has an ip address of

Here's where my ignorance and limits of routing knowledge becomes obvious.
I had expected to be able to set up a static route from vlan1 (the wan associated with fe4) to vlan2 (the lan associated with fe1).
I thought I could enter route to and a mask of
When I try this I am getting an error with inconsistent address and mask.
I'm sure it's simple for an experienced Cisco person but I'm stumped.
Any suggestions?

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well depending on the type of connection

by CG IT In reply to How to configure Cisco 87 ...

The biggest problem is NAT using a block of public addresses.

Basically a NAT configuration coupled with static routing because you want specific traffic coming in on a specific public address to go to a specific host with a private address and you want outbound traffic from that host to go out via a specific public address.

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by NetMan1958 In reply to How to configure Cisco 87 ...

I'll be happy to help you with this but could you sketch out a rough drawing in Word or Paint or something similar showing each device and their interfaces and what IP Addresses(s) you want assigned to them? You can PM me and I will reply with an email address you can send it to. I think I understand what you want to do, but it is best to be sure.

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Will it also work for Cisco 881 W?

by mrlinblake In reply to Question(s)

Hi all,

Will it also work for Cisco 881 W?

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