How to configure dual network adapter on single environment

By charles ·
Hello to anyone that poses the knowledge of my quest. I'm heavy (or I would like to think I am)into digital video editing and was wondering if I could benefit from having 2 NIC's configured in each of my 4 workstation connected to my (24-port switch) network. With my current hardware configuration I have a main editing workstation where as I'd like to be able to capture my footage on the other 3 workstations then import the footage to my main workstation after the capturing has been completed. Thus trimming capturing time from multi-camera shoots. I know it can be done because I took a tour at local TV station and they we're using such configuration. Of course my pockets are not as deep as any TV station but I would like to know if it's possible at my prosumer level for me to achieve a simular configuration.

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No there is no benefit here

by OH Smeg In reply to How to configure dual net ...

The setup you saw was using different networks so the Multiple NIC's where connected to different switches and where used to import Data from the chosen source. Also as the Speed of the NIC's are halved inside the case you would actually be getting slower transfers when importing 2 different streams. You can not do anything about Internal Buss Speed of the computer the Multi NIC's can be used to either Bridge or capture from different sources but they can not exceed the Buss Speed to the computer.


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Thank you for your prompt and informative reply

by charles In reply to No there is no benefit he ...

Would have any alternative suggestions to my original thought?

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Well it really depends on what you need to achieve

by OH Smeg In reply to Thank you for your prompt ...

Network Traffic is limited by the Bandwidth of the LAN Connections and any Hub's/Switches that are included in the mix. about the only thing you can do here is move to a faster network or alter the way that you transfer files around the Network.

If you need to edit a Movie File it's always best to do this Locally so this may mean transferring a File to a Local Workstation then edit it then transfer it elsewhere to be recorded to what you send these out on.

I suppose there is of course no need to stop transferring Files while you are editing one on a Computer if you have enough HDD space you could be transferring several more files to the HDD while you are editing one that can then be sent elsewhere to record. Your limiting factor here is Network Speed and the limits of the Hardware you are using. For Video Editing the Fastest Hardware available is always the best bet and if you need to transfer files between workstations/computers then the fastest affordable Networking Hardware so you should be looking at Gigabite Network Connections and Hubs/Switches. While Optical Fiber is faster if you have the hardware to make full use of it there isn't much need to spend the extra money involved to move to Fiber Optics unless there is sufficient Network Traffic to warrant this expensive migration. I have seen some people who perform Video Editing use several different computers with a KMV Switch that allows them to use the same Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor while they edit things. When they send a edit that is going to take a long time to process they switch to a different computer by pressing a button and do another job and then when a CPU Intensive job is given to the second computer they either switch back to the first one or move onto another to perform another job. It all depends on your workload and what is involved. If you have fairly modern Hardware and Networking Devices then you are probably at the upper limit of available technology but all the people that I do work for who do this type of work are not Window Users as they can not afford the overheads of Windows which slow down the processing of Video Images. It's better for them to use a Operating System with a small footprint and leave the available power of the computer available to do the work that they are there to do.

Besides the better Video Editing Software isn't Windows Based so there is no reason to consider Windows.


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